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Biopic of Dr Mick Clarke



Dr Mick Clarke has been teaching in a range of secondary schools in Luton and London since 1973. He has worked with vulnerable young people for the last twenty years, including young offenders and pupils who have been permanently excluded from schools. In Luton Dr Mick has managed a unit for permanently excluded pupils reintegrating them back into mainstream schools and colleges. In 1997 Dr Mick set up the Behaviour and Tuition Service in Luton. This initiative was instrumental in reducing the permanent exclusions from 41 pupils to 11 during the three years he managed the service. In September 2000 Dr Mick took up a post in the City of Westminster to promote social inclusion throughout the City and again managed to reduce permanent exclusion by 30% and promote attendance throughout the city. Dr Mick moved back to Luton in 2003 to work with Children in Care (CiC) to promote their achievement and attendance. During this time the educational performance of CiC has improved. Dr Mick is now a Director of Education at the Apollo Education Project, where he works with Looked After Children (LAC), children with Statements of Special Education Needs (SEN) and children who have a range of complex needs. Dr Mick works five days a week teaching children from 9am to 3pm, implementing strategies to reduce emotional arousal through the curriculum. Throughout his career Dr Mick has always sought to back up his practical experience of working with young people by academic research. As a result of this Dr Mick has achieved an MA in special educational needs. He has been awarded a doctorate in education, researching which children are excluded from schools and education and how they can be supported.


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