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The Apollo Education Project



The Apollo Centre provides educational opportunities for children who are not in school as a result of exclusion or because their neighbourhood school was not able to meet their needs. The Apollo Centre believes in the notion of renewal of opportunity for all.

Education is used as a vehicle to enhance relationships between all at the Centre and relationship building is at the core of everything at The Apollo Centre. The central strand of our work is improving the psychological well-being of our learners; this work is integrated within the curriculum. Apollo teaching and learning is focused on using the latest and most effective teaching methods with our learners, recognizing each learner’s learning styles and abilities.

The young people referred to the Centre are of secondary school age i.e. years 7 to 11. Apollo offer young people a two week period of assessment; during this time the pupil's educational, social, emotional and psychological needs will be assessed. After the assessment each young person has an individual programme of work designed for them. This is aimed at filling the gaps in the pupil's educational experience. Most of the young people who are referred to Apollo will have experienced a great deal of instability in their education and will have missed exposure to key skill training and regular class teaching. Apollo Education Project Social Enterprise CIC specialises in working with young people who may have experienced childhood trauma.

Individual Programme for Learners: Each young person’s individual programme includes direct teaching of literacy, regular creative writing and poetry workshops. Teaching of grammar and analysis of a range of writing genres. Numeracy sessions include the teaching of basic maths skills, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication with regular practice of times tables, fractions, decimals, algebra, problem work and geometry. Apollo offer GCSEs and Edexcel Functional Skill Accreditation. We use cross curricular projects each half term to explore a range of skills and subjects including: history, citizenship, geography, art, technology, science, physical education and drama. Learners are given the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities daily. Community visits and educational trips are part of the curriculum. Within the curriculum a 360 degree analysis of the learner’s emotional, social and psychological need is carried out. The analysis focuses on the following areas and is reviewed as work progresses:

  • Connection to others and making friends
  • Connection to the wider community and involvement in leisure activities
  • Connection to friends which can be maintained
  • Giving and receiving attention and ability to interact appropriately with their peers
  • Achievement and competence to enable them to be confident and celebrate achievement
  • Privacy and teaching them how to have private time for themselves and enjoy it
  • Purpose and meaning, instilling in them purpose in life by developing skills
  • Security and feeling safe by working to reduce their high level of emotional arousal and teaching them to relax
  • Status enhancement by doing all of the above enables them to feel as if they have a place in the world and are important to others.

We enjoy positive relationships with learners, their parents and carers and their schools. We work with all to address the issues and support the learner back into mainstream education

To arrange a visit or discuss a referral,

please contact: Dr Mick Clarke: 07788 477849 Email: doctormick52@gmail.com

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