Apollo Education Project


Futures House, Unit 19
The Moakes, Luton

Tel: 07788 477849
Email: doctormick52@gmail.com

Company Reg No:07876815
VAT Number: 139788552

Apollo Education Project offers education placements to students who are not attending mainstream school. We work with students, parents, carers and schools, to overcome barriers to learning and support each student to achieve their full potential.

Apollo provides learners with opportunities to reduce their emotional arousal which allows their brain to fully engage with the world around them. The success of the Apollo Education Project is the methodology of our teaching strategies, based upon a life time of teaching experience combined with using the most up to date findings from brain science research. Our Brain Based Learning aims to treat learners as developing and evolving living organisms, who require nurturing throughout their time with us. We do this by establishing a culture of care from the initial meeting where the learner is placed at the centre of all our work with them.

We provide all our learners with access to Functional Skills English and Maths. We also offer GCSE's in collaboration with their neighbourhood schools.

We also offer training to schools, local authorities and foster agencies on subjects such as: Attachment and Trauma, Brain Based Learning, Adolescents their Emotions and how this affects Behaviour, Behaviour as Communication, Spaced Learning and Increasing Memory Retention, Imaginative Studies, and Workshops on Effective Teaching and Learning with Traumatised Young People. Training can be tailored to your organisation's needs.


Please contact Dr Mick Clarke for further information.